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Monday - Friday




Zhamdauren Madi

Nargiz Ibragim

Akbibi Kamidolla

Mahabbat Bazarbaikyzy

In that Programme all reports from listeners are reading on life broadcast and you can connect to us directly and congratulate your family and friends as well.


Monday - Friday



Zhandauren Madi

Nargiz Ibragim

In the ‘Star News’ the most popular Stars are divided by the latest news.

‘Jokes Lovers’ came from listeners’ requests, where is possible to joke for different themes.

‘Culture news’, where is possible to divide by the latest news from the culture world.

‘I love you’ is by listeners’ requests, where we are reconciling all people who were quarreled, appeal to close people and express their feelings.

Conversation with Programme’s guests, where the new songs will be presented. The Programme will be as life broadcast on radio and social sites. There will be broadcasted musical mixture with kazakhstan’s popstars.

Friday - Saturday



DJ Akhmetov

DJ Slim

Monday - Friday

08:00 - 11:00 


Zhasulan Kali

Akbibi Kamidolla

All topics will be discussed for the next week. The program’s guests will be invited for the appointed days. During the first hour of the program there will be discussion on given topics. The next two hours there will be a conversation with guests as well, various topics will be given, and new song will be represented. The show will be broadcasted live on СТВ tv-channel, radio and social media networks. Every hour we will be broadcasting live news.

Monday – Friday

At the top of every hour


Assem Nurgali

Zhandos Seidalin


19:00 - 20:00

11:00 - 12:00


Anar Mynbayeva